I have to say that without the guitar prowess of Casper Jones "Everything is Subject to Change" would not be the album it is.  While no doubt Joel Simches could have found a guitarist or several guitarists to play on the songs, I doubt any would have matched the outstanding playing of Casper.  Honestly I would have been hesitant to go ahead without him!

He proved his technique and creativity when we worked on "...born at night...", "all that is left is all that remains", and the EP "Addendum".  I never had to give him more than a hint of what I was looking for.  He delivered and then some.

Original indeed but you can hear elements of suggestions I gave him like Blackmore, Page, Iommi, and so forth on certain tracks.  He himself injected the stylings of the great Dick Dale, the king of surf guitar, for "Don't Stop Being a Rocker" (I actually did not suggest anything because I wasn't really thinking guitar on that one as far as a specific) and boy does it work!!

Like "Full 88" was The Joel Simches Chocoblis album in that it would not sound as lush and full without his input; this is, to me, The Casper Jones Album.  Could not have been done without him!

Thank you Casper for being a huge part of "Everything is Subject to Change"!!

Now am I being awfully pretentious in thinking everyone is gonna love this new album?  Maybe. But I LOVE IT and that is what counts more than anyone else loving\liking it.  Sure I hope they do but... what is this that I do all about anyway?  My fulfilling what I set out to do in 1978.

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