Good news!  The files sent to the engineer in Boston synch up perfectly!  That was a major concern and now it is not!

I have half the album done from my piano\keys\vocal perspective.  Next will be for Joel Simches (engineer, drummer, bass player, percussion, and also additional keyboards where required) to add his expert playing to the tracks.  Then depending on how the music has changed or not, I may re-sing a few of the songs.

Each step, on my end, brings new technological challenges.  I am sure to some they may be no-brainers, but to a musical technophobe like me, they are hurdles.  Odd thing is, I am a certified computer tech in Windows based applications!  Yet with music tech... I suck.

Hating it probably doesn't help.

In other important news, the symptoms of Bells palsy have greatly improved.  I am singing almost 100% normally.  The "almost" is not a stopper or something so blatant that it is distracting... just something I am aware of and work arund where necessary.

So onward and upward.  Five more tunes to make an even ten and then???  Joel suggested I go ahead and lay the basics for the next ten even if I have no solid plans to record another CD.  At least then they'll be ready should I decide in a year or so to make a all rocker follow-up to this piano based entry.


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