Last Monday, the 23rd, I started the basics on a new album.  Piano\Vocals\Additional keys\a rythmn trak\backing vocals and a Narration track for Kenny Lewis to replace me not being there.  It runs along with the song saying what I want and when I want it.
For some songs I provided a demo, either live or old 4 track, as a guide.
Finished last night\early morning.  Everything is now at Mixed Emotions Music!
I am so fortunate to have the same team that worked on the 2010-2011 albums on this one.  Casper Jones, guitars; Pete Koeplin, Drums; and Tracy Ferrie, Bass.  Boston is not touring this summer so Tracy is available.  Stroke of luck though honestly I would have waited for him to be done with the tour if they had chosen to (or Tom had chosen to).  He is that important (as they all are - Example, I can't imagine any guitarist on my songs except Casper).
Done.  On my end anyway.  Loads coming when the drums are added  (listening) bass is added (listening) and the guitars added (listening),   Then first mixes (listening - a lot) final mixes (listening a lot a  lot).  Once approved, the mastering and, yes, more listening.  By the time this is out I'll be burned out!
I am planning on going ahead with pro made jewel case duplications via CDBaby.  Short run, promo and pals only.  I used to love making the jewel case copies from scratch (ensuring everything was as I wanted it on each) but I just cannot get into that anymore.
Speaking of age, it shows on the piano playing primarily due to me not playing regularly anymore.  Lots of unexpected pain and at times my right hand simply stopped!  Did not want to continue the solo!  I am no more inclined to play each night than I was so... indeed the end is near if for no other reason.  I have been playing for 58 years.  There comes a time...

Vocally I never stopped singing.  Every night I sing to everything from America to Led Zeppelin and all in-between.  So the voice is still there!
I will not say never again.  In fact I already have a list of songs for another album!  All legacy catalog songs from the 80's - early 2000's that didn't get their due.

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