Early year end stats from Spotify:
Top Countries
1 United States
2 United Kingdom
3 Germany
4 Malaysia
5 Argentina
6 Sweden
7 Guatemala
Top Cities
1 Rabinal GT
2 Kiel DE
3 Sungai Petani MY
4 Ipswich GB
5 Wolverhampton GB
6 Wandsworth GB
7 Tucuman AR
8 Stockholm SE
9 Cambridge US
10 North Haven US
11 Germantown US
12 Bellevue US
13 Compton US
14 Lake Worth US
Top Songs
1 Play for You
2 Back In Business
3 The Wreck of the Titanic
4 You Just Don't Know (Garage Man Mix)
5 When Good News And Bad News Are The Same News
6 Destiny
7 Heart Condition
8 No Soliciting
9 Tappin' to the Beat
10 Someone Else's Eyes
11 Some Days
12 Losing My Mind
13 She Spits (feat. Ed Daley)
I ask all of you to go to Spotify and start listening to the album "Full 88". It has been undeservedly ignored by the public. Help turn this around for 2018! Thanks!

The List

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