About 2018 and "CryptoCreative":
Want to thank Casper Jones (guitars), Tracy Ferrie (bass), and Peter Koeplin (drums) for their awesome one of a kind musicianship. They are the best part of the album!
I am the next best part as the songs are mine, vocals mine, piano mine. Ha ha ha
As I have hinted but now must make official, this album is the last. It was 35 years ago last April I released my first record, so (without planning) this last one is 35 years later. I cannot see any reason to add more catalog to the online market.
Plus the production people I have worked with for decades all have fallen by the wayside... two over Donald Trump! Such stupidity to lose a friend of 32 years over politics!
There are no decent studios where I reside and I have zero desire to create home made tracks even though they'd be digital this time and not analog.
This album was\is it.
A video blog, a long one, will be issued in December talking about all this in more detail. If it upsets some, I do not care. If upset... you deserve it!
Tune in, turn on, and zone out...

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