With "Full 88" just beginning it's shelf life it might seem odd that I have begun a NEW CD PROJECT with the incomparable Joel Simches. But I have!

Yes, ten new songs are in the works and if all goes as planned I hope to release another CD in the late fall\winter. Why?

I always admired the bands and artists from the 60's and 70's who were contracted to released two albums a year; one every six months. So in that spirit, I am aiming to do the same.

On-board this time around is master guitarist Casper Jones. As you may recall, Casper played on the albums "...born at night..." and "all that is left is all that remains". I am more than honored to be working again with such an immense talent!!

Recording on my end was done a while ago. Joel's work begins in earnest within the next week or so. Once rough mixes are made, they will be send to Casper, who now resides in his native Denmark. He has a home setup and will then send back tracks he's done to us to have Joel do the mixing and mastering. A true International Effort!!

Well, that is the plan! Of course I know anything can happen an so In will remain "edgy" till all is said and done. Nothing new!

So lots going on.

As with "Full 88" this album nearly did not get made as I felt the recent CD was a fine Goodbye to that aspect of my creative life. The new goal was to jump fully into putting together books of verse for publication. Yet I still had these songs... I could not just leave them to gather dust... PLUS they are the direct opposite of the material on "Full 88"... raw fast guitar-centric rockers!

So when this is out consider "Full 88" and it as a big 1970's double album with one disc being "Piano Paul" and the other being "Rocker Paul"!

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