40 years ago right around now (exact dates escape me) the PVMHS chorus staged "Jesus Christ Superstar". Many think this was a Stage One production, but no it was a chorus show directed by Mike Lamy.

I had the honor of singing the part of King Herod. One song. One scene. The result of which propelled me into a kind of "HS Stardom" reserved for athletes (something none of the actual "acting" I had done and awards I had won for it did).

For those who don't know why Herod is taunting Jesus and demanding he perform a "trick" for him. read the Gospel. Herod in the show was flamboyant and over the top. I played him as such!

Here is an audio only recording (my very first studio effort done in 1977 with the shows band and Lamy producing) of "King Herod's Song" (note I was 17 here):


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