2008, 2009, up to new music being released in 2010 I published via TuneCore four CD's of catalog material. Some released as cassettes in the 1990's, some never released.


"They Came From The Cellar" mixed tracks from the 1990's cassette with never before issued songs. This is one of them.


But some story first...


In 1991-1992 Barry Armstrong and I had a band called "Sticky Situation". The idea was for us to be co-lead singers and to just be a jam band. Joined by guitarist Ron Chapdelaine, guitarist Dave Wesling, and the late great drummer Steve Edmands, we had a fine few months just playing on Sunday nights for fun.


But then... the phone call came. Could we play The Paradise in Boston? Barry and Ron's old band, The Return, was on the recent "Boston Music Showcase" CD and a show featuring acts on the disc was booked. Since The Return had disbanded, well, could we do a set?


Hmmmm... The Paradise was and is still one of the top places for bands to play, to work to get to, and here it was being handed to us! Didn't take long to break the "no club dates" rule.


This song I wrote for the group was 4-tracked somewhere in early 1992 when we had become a club act. We played Grovers, Pavilion, and all the rockin haunts of the day... but, we never ever got back to The Paradise. Talk about "starting at the top" and workin your way down!!


Here is "Always Near Never Far". Inspired by a real girlfriend I had who often would come over on Friday night and stay till Sunday... Sunday night till Tuesday...




A real "creepy" song from "They Came From The Cellar".

Recorded in 1993 some said I was inspired by the then recent OJ Simpson murders. No. Not even a thought in my head when I wrote it. It is called "Pound of Flesh" which ought to give it away, what it's about, but I suppose you'd have to know Shakespeare. How many of ya do??

Pound of Flesh



Another rare out of print track from "They Came From The Cellar", released in 2008.

"Beacon of Heart" was intentionally minimalist.  A full studio version with band would probably not be more "active".

I like my voice here.  Just thought I'd add that! lol  And I was still a heavy drinker\smoker back then (1994) :O

"And then in a flash of wisdom
The disconnected montage relates
You see the morning beacon of a heart
No longer to sate"


Beacon of a Heart



From "As Then Is Now" issued in 2007 (written and recorded in 1998).

"Sun of Awakening Skies" was a throw-back to the kind of titles I gave songs in the late 70's early years of the 80's.

It is also to my fiance back then. I was for a long while plagued with reoccurring dreams of traveling back to the house we shared. It was always the present in these dreams and I was always going as a guest to a party. The dream would always end with her and I talking...

Then one dream took place in a church yard... shortly after I wrote this song.

Unlike just about anything I wrote then or since I never knew what to do with it!


Sun of Awakening Skies



A song from 2007's "Tunes Out of Time". Here is "Get Yourself Together"! (Recorded at home in 1994).





A song from 2007's "Tunes Out of Time". Here is "Paper and Stone"!
(Recorded at home in 2003).





A personal fave from "Back In Business: Paul Tait 2003".


"Flaws in the Ointment". A sarcastic goofy twist on flies, cats... and nothing to do\nothing to lose. Originally a part of "Back In Business: Paul Tait 2003".


A self made four track wonder!

Flaws in the Ointment

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