Book Update: I finished it. Well, first pass. All 60 poems picked, edited, spellchecked, and formatted. Now to leave it alone for a while. Then go back and read through it to ensure I do not think it all is crap. Even if I do I'll still publish because I cannot trust my opinion of myself when it comes to my verse writing. Music\songs, sure... I can tell when one is worth pursuing and one is simply not good enough. The verses alone?? Nope. Best I can do is make sure they are not out and out embarrassing!!

I plan on a February release date (Amazon\Kindle, Barnes and Nobles, etc). In the meantime, my critically acclaimed first book of verse, "Stray Lines", is available for download!!

Note: These are more Booklets than books. Being a new poet, I read that it is unusual for one to publish at once more than 50-100 in a single volume; unless it is an anthology. So I picked 60 for my first four volumes. Then... look out... I have a project in mind for about 150-200 in a single book! I will warn you all ahead of time.

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