The next CD is coming along.  Now it is in Joels hands...

Major kudos to guitarist Casper Jones!  His artistry and ability to play just about any style (kick ass hard rock to reggae) has made this production all I had hoped.

Nonetheless, I am so glad this is the end.  Like I said to Joel during "Full 88" I forget how things get for me internally right around this particular time in production. I am also reminded now of why I drank a lot, lol

Working title for the project?  "Not For Lack of Trying" but that will probably change.

From now onward it is me and poetry.  For that form of published expression it is just me and the distributor... no one else.  No illustrator.  No proof reader.  I do it all.

Oh but don't despair... I'll find something to bitch about!  May even do an old fashioned Vblog just to vent!!

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