2015 was the busiest year I have ever had regarding new material being released.  While I have issued more than one album in a year before, they were anthologies.  For the first time I released two albums of newly recorded material in one year.

I say “newly recorded” because not all the songs were written for their respective releases.  To be honest, half of “Full 88” comes from my back catalog.

Which songs?  Well I’d be a cheat if I said the above and did not give you the details, right?  So here are the tunes and years:

  • Midnight Angels (written in 1997)
  • Rain in Chicago (written in 1997)
  • Run Wild (written in 1988!)
  • Something Going On (written in 1998)
  • Unrequited (written in 1998)

The rest?  “In The Sky There Are No Lines” was written in 2011, “One Thousand Times” comes from 2012, “Someone Else’s Eyes” and “The Notes and the Words” from 2013.  The only song written close to recording was “Destiny” which was written in July of 2014.

“Everything is Subject to Change” is a little more immediate (as if that matters – I do not believe in expiration dates when it comes to songs.  Unless they date themselves by being topical a good song transcends time).

Still, the songs were not written for the project.  They were culled from 2011-2014.  Example, “Don’t Stop Being a Rocker” was written right after my hospital adventure in 2011.  The other songs came as the lean years went by.

The most recent of the songs was “Self Awareness” which I wrote “to order” as I needed one more track to make ten (nothing in my catalog fit).  I wrote it in November of 2014 pretty much in the time it takes to listen to it.

The truth of it all is the last honest burst of inspiration that resulted in an album of songs as one collective was 2011’s “all that is left is all that remains”.  That was meant to be my last album.  And it should have been.  I had nothing more to say.  Personally, I should have died when my heart and kidney’s failed.  “all that is left is all that remains” would have been a very fitting goodbye.

Back to 2015…

So what I think?  After all is said and done I have things to say about each album as well as the videos. More exactly, what I thought was NOT good as there is more good than bad.

“Full 88”:  Through no ones fault but mine as a writer, “Someone Else’s Eyes” and “The Notes and the Words” are boring as hell.  They go nowhere.  One straight line from beginning to end.  No oomph to the choruses.  Nothing.

“ESC”:  In “Some Days” the vocals could be more prominent.  They get buried in the mix.  That is about it for that album!  No other complaints.

Videos??  My favs are:

  • Run Wild
  • Midnight Angels
  • Self Awareness
  • Don’t Stop Being a Rocker
  • Destiny

The alchemy I concoct with post color adjustment, superimposed collages, and wipes all are at their best in those clips.

2015 also saw the publication of my first book of verse.  “Stray Lines” came out in June and was a critical and artistic success.

Money?  Ha ha ha

That pretty much rounds up the year.  The last year for music as I have no intention of recording anything on this kind of scale ever again.  Too expensive and too much stress.  Going forward plans are to publish my vast back catalog of poetry.  I have approximately 12,000 poems so… lots to do!

Thank you for your support.

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