I made the “executive decision” to push out the video for “Self Awareness”.  I had nixed it all together due to, going by my established schedule; it would not have debuted until January 2016.  I want all this music stuff done by years end!  Seeing that “I Don’t Have an In-Between” earned 16,703 views in little over two weeks I figured “strike while the iron is hot”.

Been debating, as I could not sleep, the concept of an autobiography.  Nothing new, just always envisioned it divided into two parts; The Person and then The Artist.  I’d cover the same periods of time only from two different perspectives.  Sounds unique, huh?  Well, it also sounds laborious and perhaps confusing.  Best to integrate, of course focusing on the arts, but side mentioning the personal horseshit.

See my life has been two separate ones.  As an artist I was\am one of a kind.  Creative in so many ways no one I have ever met or actually heard of can match me.  As a person however I have been a total loss.  Lousy friend, angry worker (at any job), heavy drinker, crappy at romance, just a general slug.  So why dedicate half a book to that asshole?

See though?  There is the ground plan\basic architecture (Cover time periods… Birth to 1971, 1972-1978, 1979-1981, etc etc).  So I do not have to do it now.  Someone else, if necessary, can!!

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