Yes I call this Text Blog #1 as it is the first real text blog I am doing.

I made the “executive decision” not to buy a new camcorder (Canon support suggestions were things I had already done, of course, and therefore useless) as the cost of a decent one is on par with publishing my next book.  Couple that with no plans to make any more music videos AND that pretty much no one watches the Video Blogs, well, it would be a huge waste of money.

So text it shall be.

So whazzzup??  Remember when that was a huge “Buzz Phrase”?  Doubt anyone says it anymore.  Except me.  Here.  Yup.  Old Buzz Phrase Man they call me.

“Where’s the beef?”  “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”  And who remembers this one and also what commercial\product it was for, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.”?  For extra points, here’s another related to the latter, “That was a spicy meatball!”

In keeping with the YouTube trend that started in 2015, the promotional clip for "Run From Home (live 1992)" has earned 16,725 views.

No further promotional videos are planned for "Diligence: 1983-2003".

You can watch all of my top videos here:

Really that is it.  Nothing new on the book front, music front, or any front.

See ya next time.

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