According to YouTube VBlog 59 has gotten ONE VIEW.  Lowest ever.  Worse, that one view was ME!  (I always watch anything I post to make sure it looks okay online so… yeah.) YouTube analytics says ONE VIEW and that was from me.

Seeing the trouble I have been having with the camcorder not being recognized by the computer (requires a reboot and the use of a port belonging to another external), the camcorder shutting down from lack of memory but not indicating that with a “beep” or something that would signal me to shut up, and the simple fact that even if one of these gets watched the max has been about 20 views.  This means the views this site gets (3-4 thousand a month) do not come from anyone watching the VBlogs.

Thus I must conclude they are a waste of time.

I like even numbers as much as I hate wasting time.  I will therefore film a VBlog 60.

Not much to tell anyway…

  • “The Paul Tait Home Collection” will be promoted starting in July. 
  • I will begin working on what will become “Boston Dialect” somewhere around August. 
  • “Paul Tait Live for You 2017” will be uploaded and promoted in September (the 10th anniversary of launching my online presence in earnest). 
  • “Seven Centers” has been pushed back to October so as not to collide with the YouTube concert (more a case of promotion money than truly caring about a collision in the market).

Real life? I see the heart doc for the results of my echo cardiogram Wednesday of this week.  Then comes another appointment with my general practioner\endocranologist Dr. Grainger.  In October I see the dentist to begin what will be a fun filled, pain filled, money drain (even with insurance).

Unless something out of the blue happens that is my life.

I will keep up my monthly journal (which no one gets to read till I am dead) and will make text blogs whenever anything noteworthy occurs.

VBlog 60 will be shot in July.  Maybe.  We’ll see…

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