I started work on “Boston Dialect”.  Found a way to get the formatting I want by creating a new header in Arial 14.  Titles are either the first line or something I think is cool from the verse.


That is about it for anything artistic.  Well… considering pushing back the release of “Seven Centers” till November as an unexpected medical bill costing $200+ has popped in.  Fucking stress test.  I never paid any co-pay for them in MA!

In fact in MA, when I had a MassHealth plan, a paid NOTHING for my entire stay in the hospital!  With Medicare, I’d have to pay $300.00 a day for the first five days and then nothing afterwards; but I doubt that.  I am sure fees for this or co-pays for that would come pouring in.


Still plan on uploading and promoting the home shot “Paul Tait Live For You 2017” in September.  The covers collection got over 5k views in one week so my fans in Asia and Europe have not forgotten me.  USA?  No traction video wise.  Fucktards.


Living in fear of the federal status update on my disability.  That at 58 I’ll have to find a job.  I’d rather be dead.  Just like when I got sick I would rather have died than continue on, I’d rather die than face another life changer.  I have had no interest in being alive since 1995 so every little shit thing that happens is just another disgusting pile I have to eat\wade through.



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