One month before launch I have decided to abort “Paul Tait Live For You 2017”.  It just simply isn’t good enough.  Not me, no, I am as great as always, but the recording sucks.  No matter how I tried to make the sound better, really nothing could be done about it.  I wanted the video up so bad, more to show how great I still was, that I made myself like it\accept it.  But… no, it’s a mess.


So what I have done is edit together the live audio clips from the 80’s and 90’s into a 40 minute set.  I called it simply “The Paul Tait Live Collection”.  It features:


Brand New Day

Eagle and Hammer (the Cold War Bop)

I Can’t See You In My Dreams

Life in the Big City

I’m Fine

Run From Home

Heart of the Dawn

I Still Believe

Place Your Faith

Song to the Moon

Pop Musician


Midnight Angels


The last two are the only tracks I could salvage from all that work I did in the spring.  Oh well, as much as I hate wasting time it did get me playing again.  I have not played much since.  I started writing a song but soon lost interest.  Writing a song means nothing unless I intend to record it one day and I am very committed to never engaging that process again.  But even if I did... I have tons of catalog songs (some listed in the live recordings) that are ripe for full actualization.

The List

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