Things are moving along with the upcoming CD. I still have to decide when I am going to release it.

A lot depends on this months and next months sales reports from CDBaby. If "Full 88" has not been downloading or songs from it not being cherry picked then I need to let the CD "breath" without adding another to the mix. Maybe add another video or relaunch the campaign for the Web Commercial.

If still nothing by fall, or nothing significant, I will chalk it up as a mis-fire. Lumping all ballads together may have been a mistake. Most of my dl's have traditionally been the uptempo rocking songs.

Then I may release this new one towards Christmas. As I have mentioned, all the tracks on it rock.

Pandora radio REFUSED "Full 88" because it was too mellow they said, so I do not think they'll refuse the new one as, imo, it melts glass! Casper Jones's guitar work sure as heck melts it!!

However, if the sales figures show the album is doing good... I will sit on the new one till next year. It will kill me. But I will.

So I shall see what the reports say.

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