Yes "Everything is Subject to Change" (ESC for short) is uploaded to CDBaby, finalized, and set for world-wide release on November 2nd.

The first video single, "I Don't Have an In-Between", is finished and I am plotting the next one as I write (for a song called "Don't Stop Being a Rocker").  Sure these won't be posted till months from now but one never knows the future so I like to have everything done ahead of time.

Then that is it.  No additional plans for recording.

With the April release of the piano-centric "Full 88" and the guitar rocking ESC coming up that says everything musically I have to say.  100 of my recordings will be online for sale.  40 or so of my videos on YouTube.  What else but for the "next level" which is 25 years too late if it even were to manifest?

So in spite of the universe playing it's wicked joke I feel I have prevailed.  I did it myself with no record company, no publishing house, no nothing but me and, in recent years, hired studio help.  I have sold music in every country and have had my videos viewed in each one of them as well.  What else is there but tons of money and "Ellen"??

So November 2nd.  Oh I'll remind you.  Lots of times!

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