Well November is… too darn far away!  Hated to put "Everything is Subject to Change" out so far after it was done but releasing it in July after everything else would have been anti-climatic.  I’d hate for “the end” to be anti-climatic!
As far as that goes, it won’t be the end of releasing stuff.  No, I already have plans to re-release the live material recorded some 25 years ago!  Now it’s antique!  Songs recorded at Grovers, Brandies University, The Pavilion in Billerica, and the Balcony Lounge in Peabody.
I first put some live stuff out in 1997 on tape, then in 2007 on CD.  It has ever been reviewed but… how can it be compared to studio stuff?  These were board mixes to a cassette!  No mixing post production other than editing and noise reduction.
For that reason it pains me to not include the version of “I Still Believe” from The Channel.  I really wanted that place represented but… the board mix had so much hiss even noise reduction did not clean it up enough!  And too much NR muddies the performance so… I had to delete the tune from the project!
Nonetheless it will be 8 songs; four available nowhere else!  Four pretty good songs that “got away” and never got the studio treatment.
But that won’t be released till next year…  Then I feel everything will be complete.  The total picture of what I did musically would not be complete without live being represented.  I was a live performer first, my first love was performance; be as an actor or a singer.
Like being plugged into a current when I played with a band, especially with a solid drummer, I was never still.  Sure, stuck often behind the piano, I still never just sat still.
Now I am old and boring. :p

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