“Like a mythical cat, Paul Tait must have nine lives. Just when you think the long time singer-songwriter-piano player is down and out, he comes back stronger and more vital than the last time you heard him perform. Conjuring the great piano men Billy Joel, Elton John and Randy Newman in his playing, Tait acts as a conduit for life and all its intricacies and boldly scripts those observances into his songs. And while things may not always be seen through rose colored glasses, Tait always manages to be true not only to himself, but to his listeners as well.” –Brian M. Owens, publisher Metronome Magazine


The entire 'CRYPTOCREATIVE" album has been approved for airplay on Pandora Internet Radio!!  Thank you Pandora for your support!!

The new video from "CryptoCreative".   "PLACE YOUR FAITH"!
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Pandora Internet Radio has added "Summer Nights"!  Click here (no guarantee the song will play before others on Paul Tait Radio do): https://www.pandora.com/station/play/2321062008230604733

Advance word on "Boston Dialect Volume One":

"Paul Tait’s Boston Dialect is inspirational; to read his poetry is to pass through a gateway into another world.". - Sarah Stuart

"In a frank prose that is in some ways darker in tone than his previous work, Tait still manages to invite the reader with him on a journey of self discovery, with a certain grasp on lyricism that demands each page be read aloud even as he dives into topics like suicide, and love captured and lost." -Kayti Nika Raet

"Boston Dialect: Volume One is as inspiring as it is deeply moving and the poet gives voice to some of the indescribable sentiments that visit the human spirit..." -Ruffina Oserio

"Boston Dialect Volume One" will be available to download on June 1st. Pre-order now on Amazon and iBooks.

FULL REVIEWS for "Boston Dialect Volume One" are now available under Poetry Books!


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