Complete Discography as of 2018


Local Singles

Pop Musician\I Can’t See You In My Dreams

Selector of the Seed\Say It Once More (then get down)

Eagle and Hammer (the Cold War Bop)\Gossip Column


Local Cassettes

Paul Tait Part I

Television City


Paul Tait Live at Grovers and Channel

They Came From The Cellar

Since Last We Spoke


Tri-State Releases

The Paul Tait Collection


Local CD Releases

Survivor After All: The Best of Paul Tait

Home But Not Alone

Lost, Live, and Otherwise

Room Full of Monkeys


World-wide CD releases

As Then Is Now:  Paul Tait 1998-2001 Vol. I

Pale Horse Rider:  Paul Tait 1998-2001 Vol. II

PT20:  Paul Tait 1982-2002

Back In Business:  Paul Tait 2003

Tunes Out of Time

Paul Tait Live 1982-1992

Silver Linings (CD single)

They Came From The Cellar


Angels of the City (CD single)

I Still Believe:  The Best of Paul Tait

Indoor Wind Chime:  The Unfinished Paul Tait

I Didn't Quit I Surrendered (CD single)

“…born at night…”

Addendum:  Three Song EP

all that is left is all that remains

Paul Tait Live (EP)

Mixing My Emotions: 1995-2010

Two On One: "...born at night..." and "all that is left is all that remains"


Rest of the Best of: 1984-2003

AlternaTait Deluxe

Full 88

Everything is Subject to Change

Diligence: 1983-2003

Summer Nights (Streaming single)


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The List

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