Paul Tait - Singer-Songwriter-Pianist

For over four decades Paul Tait performed both as a band leader and as a singer/songwriter/pianist. 

He independently released a series of critically acclaimed recordings, including: "Pop Musician", "Television City", "I Still Believe", “Back In Business”, “Angels Of The City”, "Song to the Moon" “1975”, “Frenemies”, and “I Didn’t Quit I Surrendered”.

As an actor, Paul performed in regional theater and on Off Broadway.  Productions included: "Mr. Roberts", "Jesus Christ Superstar", "The Wayside Motor Inn", "The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail" and Harold Pinter’s "The Homecoming" for which he won a Best Actor award from the Boston Globe.

As an author, Paul Tait has released eight critically acclaimed volumes of poetry, “Stray Lines”, “Markings in the Cave” (award winner), "Pirate Conductor", "Sand 'n Ashes", "Seven Centers", "Boston Dialect, Volume One", "Boston Dialect, Volume Two", and "Pamphlet 2020".  All books are in the eReader format and available from, Barnes and Nobles, and many more online book retailers.

In September of 2007 Paul launched a brand new website and announced his presence on the online digital download market.  So much backlog did he have that six full CD’s were released at once!  Each subsequent year saw another two CD’s released; all of it digitally re-mastered material recorded in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s.

In addition, Paul employed his theater and film making skills to create videos for many of the tracks. 

The combination of digital downloads and video presence earned him an international audience ranging from Asia to the United Kingdom; Saudi Arabia to his native United States.

In 2010 Paul released the critically acclaimed CD “…born at night…” his first new collection of songs in seven years.  Album featured "I Didn't Quit I Surrendered", "Angel With a Vamp Inside", and "Play For You".

Three tracks that were not laid down in time for the album were done in April with the same studio team (Casper Jones, guitar; Tracy Ferrie, Bass; Peter Kopelin, drums; and Kenny Lewis engineer\co-producer).  "Addendum" was released in June 2010 and featured "1975", "Winter Wind", and "Love and Peace".

“all that is left is all that remains” was released in March of 2011.  Some critics called it the best work he had ever done.

2012 saw the spring releases of "Mixing My Emotions: 1995-2010" and "Two On One", a collection that combined both "...born at night..." and "all that is left is all that remains" on one 18 song CD.

In August of 2012 Paul released the EP "PTEP8" which reunited him with 1980's studio partner Ed Daley for the first time in 18 years.

On New Years Eve 2012 a companion CD to Paul's 2009 release "I Still Believe: The Best of Paul Tait" was dropped.  "Rest of the Best of: 1984-2003" was a 16 song compilation featuring tracks from CD's no longer in print and some that had never been on CD before.

Then on Thursday February 28, 2013  "AlternaTait Deluxe" featured 16 songs ranging from radio jingles, 80’s garage rock, lost mixes, out-takes and the very first recordings Paul Tait released in 1983, “I CAN’T SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS” and “POP MUSICIAN” was released.

After a three year break from recording, Paul Tait released the CD “Full 88” on April 7, 2015 .  The album included “Run Wild”, “Someone Else’s Eyes”, “Midnight Angels”, “Destiny”, “Unrequited” and five more piano based tracks expertly co-produced and mastered by Boston legend Joel Simches.

In November of 2015 Paul released “Everything is Subject to Change”, a guitar-centric flip side to “Full 88”.  Casper Jones, who played with Paul from 2009-2011, returned to add his one of a kind guitar style.

January of 2017 saw the release of “Diligence: 1983 – 2003” an anthology that put all of Paul’s best known early songs, rare tracks, live tracks, and re-issued tracks on one 40 song download (or double CD burn).

On August 7, 2018 Paul Tait released "CryptoCreative", a solid mix of rock and ballads.  The project reunited Paul with his 2009-2011 session team of Casper Jones, Tracy Ferrie, Peter Koeplin, and engineer Kenny Lewis.

September 22, 2021 Paul unexpectedly released an album of songs recorded entirely in his home studio.  "Home Made - Hand Played" contained such YouTube video favs as "She's Unreal" and "What Do You Want".

August 1, 2022 "The Best of Paul Tait Volume III: The 2010"s" was released world wide.  Videos for "Some Days" and "The Weird Old Musician Who Lives Across the Street" received a total of 77k views.

July 11, 2023 "Paul Tait Legacies: The Basement Tapes", which included many songs out of print or never in print, was released.

On the internet market Paul Tait has over one hundred and thirty songs; spanning 38 years (1983-2021).

“Paul Tait is truly one of music’s unsung, unsigned greats when it comes to pure pop rock expression.  And by pop rock music I do not mean the fluff we accept today for contemporary pop rock music, I mean good old fashioned solid pop rock and roll songwriting delivered with passion, zeal and just the right amount of humor.” -Rob Hunter Boston Rock and Roll Press

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