An actual song fromn 1988

This was a song from 1988.  Yep, actual lyrics!  No idea how the music went.  Maybe it's on a copyright tape from that year...?
Reading these I understand why no record company number counter pinhead exec understood what the hell I was about!

Cousin from Kingston

East West lady
On a channel to nowhere
Blue stain satin diamond
Barrette in her hair
Old man’s bitchin’ about her
Hangin’ around
But don’t feel sorry
She’s a sister of Dionysian

AC\DC beatin’
Traffic at midnight
Roadside action heavy
By moonlight
Bourgeois debutants cloudin’
The sunshine
And all our efforts couldn’t
Re-route the main line

Yeah, too much flows between her eyes
To ever be honest or true
Half a quart of blue blood whiskey
And she’ll be ready for you

Stand still promise
With the Fountain of Youth, yea
She dives for a nickel
But the quarter recoups, yea
We should’ve made a deal
With the Senate of Suffer
Still all that bulls**t won’t
Print you a number

And so it’s round and round
We run
A snake sweat bottle and a     
    Cousin from Kingston

© 1988 Word and Music by Paul Tait

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