“Like a mythical cat, Paul Tait must have nine lives. Just when you think the long time singer-songwriter-piano player is down and out, he comes back stronger and more vital than the last time you heard him perform. Conjuring the great piano men Billy Joel, Elton John and Randy Newman in his playing, Tait acts as a conduit for life and all its intricacies and boldly scripts those observances into his songs. And while things may not always be seen through rose colored glasses, Tait always manages to be true not only to himself, but to his listeners as well.” –Brian M. Owens, publisher Metronome Magazine

"Brilliant music! (Paul Tait is) iconic." -Al Geiner~PR (28 Years of PR)  https://twitter.com/I_PR_THINGS

"Paul Tait is truly one of musics unsung unsigned greats." Boston Rock and Roll Press


"The Best of Paul Tait Vol. III: The 2010's" is NOW out!
To coincide here is a playlist of top viewed videos between 2010-2018.  

Note: Some songs are different than the ones on the album.

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This is Paul Tait!  Now includes songs from his recent album!










Boston's long running Metronome Magazine (est 1986) reviews "Home Made - Hand Played".  Click HERE



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The tally is in and all stats line-up!

40,116 views in six days for the video "Some Days".  (Early promotions took 14 days to get 10-16k views.)  This is a personal best for Paul on YouTube.

Top Countries:

United States

Here are more countries that contributed views:

Brazil, Canada, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Italy, France, United Arab Emirates, Romania, United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, Japan, Greece, Sweden, Lithuania













Spotify stats for 2021.  Thanks to all who streamed!











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All this free PAUL TAIT music has been out there for years now!  Take full advantage!
Soundcloud Free Songs (31!)

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Literary critics say this about "Pamphlet 2020"

"'Pamphlet 2020' by Paul Tait reawakened my awareness that true poetry is still alive today. His words are reminiscent of some of the poets in the early 1900s, such as T.S. Eliot and W.H. Auden." -Erin Nicole Cochran

“Paul's use of the English language is enviable, he can evoke self-reflection in such a compelling way on all manner of subjects.” -Lesley Jones

“’Pamphlet 2020’ is a rich collection and the topical diversity when it comes to themes and style makes it a work that will be enjoyed by a wide audience.” -Romuald Dzemo

“The imagery and ideas he conveys are wide-ranging, and the thoughts and emotions he evokes are provocative, spot-on, and inspirational.” -Tammy Ruggles

For full reviews go to Poetry Book Reviews

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Paul Tait: The Rockers

Select rockers from singer-songwriter-pianist Paul Tait. From the 80's, 90's, 2000's, and 2010's







Paul Tait: The Ballads

Select ballads from singer-songwriter-pianist Paul Tait. From the 80's, 90's, 2000's, and 2010's










New interview:
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Don't forget Paul is featured on Pandora Internet Radio:


"Aftermath of Time" was written in 1999. Demoed then, and in 2012 given the full studio treatment and released on "PTEP8".

Paul revisited the song the night of July 1, 2022...

(Note you may have to turn the sound icon on)

© 1999, 2012 Paul Tait

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"As Then Is Now"
On the CD "Diligence: 1983-2003"
Audio Only
4 track analog!
© 2001 Paul Tait

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SPECIAL Threefer...

Paul plays some oldies from his mixed club sets 80's-90's.  "The Breakup Song" (Greg Khin), "Too Much Love Will Kill You" (Queen), and "Daydream, Believer" (The Monkees).

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