“Like a mythical cat, Paul Tait must have nine lives. Just when you think the long time singer-songwriter-piano player is down and out, he comes back stronger and more vital than the last time you heard him perform. Conjuring the great piano men Billy Joel, Elton John and Randy Newman in his playing, Tait acts as a conduit for life and all its intricacies and boldly scripts those observances into his songs. And while things may not always be seen through rose colored glasses, Tait always manages to be true not only to himself, but to his listeners as well.” –Brian M. Owens, publisher Metronome Magazine

"Brilliant music! (Paul Tait is) iconic." -Al Geiner~PR (28 Years of PR)  https://twitter.com/I_PR_THINGS

The promotion for "I Didn't Quit I Surrendered" has capped off at 20,604 views in six days!  This makes it the number one viewed video in my YouTube catalog! Analytic stats confirm and the site should be updated soon to reflect.  (Note in the past these kind of views usually took 14 or so days - the song was always popular in India with many making their own Mp3's from YouTube audio!  A friend in Hadawar clued me into that practice!)

Top Countries (as per YouTube analytics):
United Arab Emirates
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United Kingdom

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Here is the link to Sarah's book on Amazon.com: HERE

Many thanks to author Sarah Stuart for adding a section to her personal website about Paul!  Click HERE

Paul wanted to do a Pocast concert for all of you stuck inside during the COVID isolation.  For technical reason that was not to be.  Instead we have spliced together the following:

“Paul Tait RAW” is a collection of live performances by Paul ranging from TV appearances, club appearances, and a lot of in house studio recordings of his favorite cover songs. 


Gimmie Shelter (The Rolling Stones)*

Angel with a Vamp Inside

Dirty Work (Steely Dan)*

Silver, Blue, and Gold (Bad Company)*

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)*

High Flying Bird (Elton John)*

When the Children Cry (White Lion)*

I Can’t See You in My Dreams

Too Much Love Will Kill You (Queen)*


Heart of the Dawn (1990 TV)

Heart of the Dawn (2017)

Run Wild

Railroader Lament (Traditional)*

Television City

Your Song (Elton John)*

*Indicate cover songs.  No money is being made from this video and it was all done for fun.  Songs not indicated as covers are Paul Tait originals.

Originals © 1990-2012 Paul Tait

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Four of Paul Tait’s songs have been added to the Internet radio station LIVE 365!  Click here to download the free app! (Scroll to bottom of site)

Featured songs are:

Summer Nights

Some Days


I Didn’t Quit I Surrendered

Don’t forget Paul is featured on OnlyRockRadio:


And Pandora Internet Radio:


Paul Tait is No one from Nowhere who is Everywhere!

Paul Tait Online

paultaittunes.com (Official web site)

Wiki:  https://en.everybodywiki.com/Paul_Tait

Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/pault0532/verse-books/

Spotify Artist Link  https://open.spotify.com/artist/4MFzuAptX5FFFp6Cs9uWUX

FaceBook Artist Page: fb.me/paultaitartistpage

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Oldnewbie54

CDBaby Store: https://www.cdbaby.com/artist/PaulTait

Amazon Author Site (books only): amazon.com/author/paultait

Instagram IGTV (select videos): https://www.instagram.com/tait_paul

YouTube Channels
youtube.com/oldnewbie47 (Main - Top Videos)
youtube.com/oldnewbie50 (Oldies - some video blogs)
youtube.com/asphaltspreader (Video blogs and covers)

Pandora Internet Radio  https://www.pandora.com/paul-tait

Soundcloud Free Songs (31!)  https://soundcloud.com/paul-tait-10/sets (31 FREE songs!)

Goodreads (books only)  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14830768.Paul_Tait


Paul Tait re-emerged in 2010 with a new album of tunes.  He would go on to release seven albums of brand new songs between 2010 and 2018.  Here are 14 select cuts. Click HERE

And here is a companion playlist called  "Paul Tait in the 2010’s: The Album Cuts"  18 tracks that are known but not as known as they ought to be!  Click HERE


Paul Tait's video output for 2018!  Click HERE to watch all five videos from "CryptoCreative".



Paul's complete catalog of CD's is available on

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 Paul's complete catalog of verse is available on

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